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How To Prepare For a Copy Machine Sales Call

Buying an expensive piece of office equipment, like a copier, can be an intimidating task. Luckily, copy machine sales representatives will be happy to walk you through the process and help you choose the best copier for your business. But they can better assist you if you have relevant information ready for them. Asking the right questions can also ensure that any potential copier will fit your needs.

Features and Functions

A copier sales representative will want to know what features you currently use, and how often you use them. They will also ask about the functions that you anticipate needing in the future. You should have a list ready with the answers to these questions. Production estimations are fine, but you should never provide an estimate that is lower than your actual output. It's true that lower estimates can result in less-costly product suggestions, but purchasing a copier that isn't prepared to handle your output can overtax your machine, which can lead to costly repairs or replacements and more downtime in your office. At the same time, you're not required to buy a copier that boasts more features and functions than you need.


When looking for a new copier, you should learn as much as you can about your existing network and equipment to ensure compatibility. If you're not tech-savvy, consider listing all of your equipment for the copy machine sales representative. He or she may be able to narrow down the selection of potential products by cross-referencing their functionality with your existing devices. You may also want to verify that a new copier will be able to connect to your network, protect network security, and that its software is fully supported and upgradable. If your business or organization is large, consider consulting with your IT department before committing yourself to any specific product.

Maintenance, Repairs, and Hidden Costs

Copy machines can be extremely expensive investments. Basic hardware can cost thousands of dollars. Maintenance and repairs can tack on even more money, so it's best to consider these factors when making a decision. Ask the representative how much repairs for common problems can cost. Get figures for ink-cartridge replacement. You can also inquire about maintenance plans for specific machines. Some copier dealers may allow you to pay a flat fee for repair and supply coverage, which can save you money when problems arise. You may even be able to find ways to protect the environment by making a smart purchase.


Ask the sales representative how long any proposed copier's warranty is. Many copy machines have warranties that are around five years. Investing in a copier with a long warranty can significantly reduce your maintenance or repair costs, should something happen to the copier while it's in use. If you plan on keeping your copier for longer than five years, consider choosing from the selection of copiers that have the longest warranty periods.

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